Wednesday 18th July-van 2012: It started one year ago on Monday 18th July 2011.

In one year I’ve…

…not done much.
…been to Hong Kong twice.
…seen Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Room’ twice.
…missed one photo a day

…and I’ve learnt to pout!

That’s it. The end of Crocodile Cool.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped me out! Goodbye!


PHOTO A DAY – 366 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Tuesday 17th July-van 2012: One more day left. One more shower to wash the shit off me.

PHOTO A DAY – 365 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Monday 16th July-van 2012: The most featured guest of Crocodile Cool is Thomas who has been the subject of 28 photos.

Now it’s time for his love for Rihanna (and everything else) to come to an end… a DEAD END.

PHOTO A DAY – 364 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Sunday 15th July-van 2012: Don’t mess with Claire the leader of the Boris bike gang.

PHOTO A DAY – 363 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Saturday 14th July-van 2012: MATES. A lot of drinking, food, video games and horror movies tonight. That’s the heart of a Saturday night.

PHOTO A DAY – 362 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Friday 13th July-van 2012: This bunch of flowers was thrusted into my hands so I did what came naturally… pretend it’s the Olympic flame.

PHOTO A DAY – 361 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Thursday 12th July-van 2012: An evening with Tash usually revolves around food.
Tonight we went to a Vietnamese restaurant where we had chicken clay pot curry, crispy duck, chilli & garlic squid, and a bottle of sauvignon blanc.
Here we are during the meal where I look WAY too excited for my own good.

PHOTO A DAY – 360 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Wednesday 11th July-van 2012: Nay told me that a smile goes a long way. Well here’s ya effin smile lady!

PHOTO A DAY – 359 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Tuesday 10th July-van 2012: John and I initially went for the “bro fist pump” but settled for the “bros 4 eva heart” instead.

PHOTO A DAY – 358 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Monday 9th July-van 2012: Here I am trying to pose in front of a mountain of baseball caps I made at work. Except it looks like I’m slipping. I’m falling. And I can’t get up. (DMX, 1998).

PHOTO A DAY – 357 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Sunday 8th July 2012: Cooking with fogged up glasses will become a new fashion trend by the next July-van.

PHOTO A DAY – 356 / 365 (ACTUALLY IT’S 367)

Saturday 7th July-van 2012:
Takayo Dinner Nights an event that’s even more important than Christmas.

Here we are with one of the desserts from the five course meal that Takayo kindly cooked for about 12 of us. Also let’s not forget that a Takayo Dinner Night experience is greatly enhanced when you’re graced with the presence of a well dressed Billy.

Check out Takayo Dinner Nights the next time come it comes to a venue near you!